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Working for a Just and Lasting Peace

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How can Friends work for a just and lasting peace? What are Monthly Meetings, Quaker organizations, and individual Friends doing to help? What books, speakers, films, articles and web sites can help us understand the issues more deeply? How may Friends reach out to others to learn and to share?    

Here are some starting points:

Please share  news of Palestine-Israel work, comments, articles & information with us at

We are Friends in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington state who warmly invite your participation.

Quakers are guided by the values, principles and practices of the Religious Society of Friends. As Friends we believe that there is that of God in each person and that each is due respect, dignity, and freedom from violence and oppression. We assert the transforming power of love and nonviolence, having faith that enmity can be transformed and that oppression can give way. Seeking God's guidance, Friends may work toward a just and lasting peace.



image Engaging BDS Critics: Handy QPIN BDS Guide

image Quaker Meetings Address Friends Fiduciary: Quaker Values Uphold Palestinian Human Rights

image Launched June 2017. Quakers and many other denominations share their work for Palestinian human rights.

image Equality for Palestinians & Israelis California Dems' Breakthrough Resolution

image No People Should Be Denied Rights for Generations World Council of Churches Head Speaks Up

image Will UN Action Spur World Criminal Court re: Israel? Amira Hass: Haaretz

image Friends' Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

image Native Peoples Stand with Palestinians

image Bernie Sanders on Israel,Palestine,Middle East Speech for AIPAC and the World

image Don't Shoot the Messenger, Israel! Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General

image Historic Vatican-Palestine Accord

image Talking Points on Current Violence Responses to Media Bias

Quakers & Boycott Workshop Materials usable for Meeting workshops and discussion. Historic Boycott Pamphlet 

greenarrow Israel Investment Plummets Church boycotts are working!

greenarrow AFSC Investment Guide With "Occupation-free" Mutual Funds!!

greenarrow Israel Flouts International Law US Should at Last Respond

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