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Quakers in Israel-Palestine, Max Carter

If Jewish State, Anti-Arab War! State Dept Diplomatic Files - 1943

Zionists All!- The History of "Zionism"

How the Brits and Americans Gave Away Palestine Little-known history. Prof. William R. Polk

Patagonian Dreams Herzl Wanted Israel in Argentina!

Israel's Endless Enemies-A Dangerous Myth Shavit's "My Promised Land" Ignores History

Biblical Land Covenants Perspective on Israeli Claims

Looking back: Israel, Lebanon, Gaza-2006 Jonathan Cook's analysis.

Myth Basis of Israel's Borders Scholar traces Biblical "maps."

Land Day - in Prose and Poetry

Little-known facts about Israel's founding Journalist Alan Hart targets Zionism

Interactive Map & Database re: Land Confiscation By Adalah, Israeli Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights

US Presidents and Israeli Expansion

Basic History of Jews and Zionism - Hanna Braun

History of failed peace talks - BBC 07

Middle East Peace Talks, 1991-2006, Congressional Reference Service Summary

The Arab - League Initiative for Comprehensive Peace with Israel.

Q&A: The Facts About Palestine & Israel

Truth Against Truth: A Completely Different Look at the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

BBC Timeline of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Brief Historical Overview with Maps 1947-2005

Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer by Phyllis Bennis. This site contains an electronic version of the primer as well as information on how to purchase the printed version.

Ten Years of Research into the 1947-49 War

Whatever happened in 1947-1948?

The Balfour Declaration--This 1917 statement backed a Jewish homeland "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine."

 Settlements and Settlers

The New Jewish Terrorism

Extremist Settlers Funded by US Donors Press for Ethnic Cleansing in Israeli Cities - 10-08

Israel 'Worry' at Settler Attacks: Promised evacuation of a settlement is stalled as attacks on Palestinians inrease -- BBC

Settlement Plans Snub US: Israeli Military, Settlers, and Civil Government Again Tangle over Status of Settlements (two articles: from Independent, and from NYT)

Dark Truths About the Israeli Occupation. Devastating account of Israeli settlement policy and its consequences. D. Levy, Washington Monthly,

Settlements grow on Arab land, despite promises made to U.S. - by Amos Harel, Haaretz


Israel Is Not a Democracy. Ilan Pappe on Israel "Myths"

Systematic Water Theft Amira Haas. Haaretz.

US Politicians and Israel Evolving Relationships

Israel's Constant Attacks Unreported in U.S. Media

The "Economic Occupation" of the West Bank How Israel Controls It

The NY Times "Forgets" the Golan is Occupied History and Response to Syrian War

The Ongoing Siege of Gaza Origin and Update

The Russians Came. Uri Avnery Israel's disparate populace leans right

Life Expectancy-Palestine & Israel The Lancet

The Arab Spring and Palestine Overview from AMEU

Conflict & Diplomacy Update- 9/11 Institute for Palestine Studies

What is Happening in Jerusalem? History and Change

Bethlehem's Encirclement Protested Activist Mazin Q. Ponders Return

Israel's Military Rule & Detention Procedures.

Amnesy International's Water Rationing Report

Israel Denies Water to Palestinians Amnesty International Report.

Carter's Gaza/Middle East Visit.

Catastrophe For Gaza

Understanding Checkpoints

Syria/Golan Heights Negotiations Quietly Proceed BBC

Contradictory Growth in the West Bank. The West Bank is a land of shocking contrasts, with vastly differing rights for Palestinians and Jewish settlers. Palestinians live under the israeli army's absolute control, their economy strangled by the separation barrier and hundreds of checkpoints.

Crucial Water Issues--Jordan River Ebbing West Bank water woes: forbidden wells, inappropriate Israeli agriculture, settlements

British MD urges Israeli doctors to oppose routine torture of Palestinian detainees QUIT (Quakers Vs. Torture) could join this appeal.

AP Cover-up: Strip searching by Israeli Officials: Disturbing Report Details Mistreatment: Can "Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT)" Help?

U.S. Christian Zionists Fail to Support Peace Efforts Group Focuses on Military Aid, Iran & Syria

Israel Requests Saudi Peace Plan Changes - By Aluf Benn, Haaretz . All 22 Arab nations offered Israel peace and trade in exchange for a Palestinian State in the 1967 borders. Israel wants changes in that 2002 offer. Israell peace feelers are rumored.

UN Report: Palestinian Status 1/07 - Humanitarian Crisis, Loss of Basic Human Rights, The Wall, Settlement Expansion, International Responsibility

Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos - Anna Baltzer

Exit Denied: An Escalation in the Campaign of Ethnic Cleansing - By Noura Khouri,

It's the Little Things That Make an Occupation (hellish) With new map of closures and the wall. The Economist,

Press Release from the Campaign for the Right of Re-entry regarding the rights for foreign passport holders' access to the occupied territories.

APARTHEID: Israelis adopt what South Africa dropped - editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

Hebron Reflection: War is not healthy - by Jan Benvie, Christian Peace Team. CPTnet

Gazans in Crisis

Tale of Three Houses: Factions in the August Flap Have a Colorful Background.

Museum Offers Gray Gaza a View of its Dazzling Past A hopeful initiative amidst repression and turmoil. NYT

UN Envoy Says Israel 'Stalling Gaza Rebuilding' Vital reconstruction in Gaza is stalled because Israel is not allowing in enough supplies, the UN's Middle East envoy warns.

Golan Heights - Proposal for Its Return to Syria

Israeli, Syrian Representatives Reach Secret Understandings. Haaretz, BBC, New York Times

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