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Views of Jews Worldwide

Zionists All!-Uri Avnery's definition

Changing Face of US Judaism Jewish Students Cite Profound Shift

The "Jewish Nation" Bill - Israel's Legal Apartheid and Global BDS

Book analyses humane vs. nationalist Judaism At Home in Exile by Alan Wolfe-NY Times Review

A Moving Review of Repressive "Genius" Amira Haas. Haaretz

The Palestinians: A kidnapped society Avraham Burg in Haaretz

Not a single person in this room would accept Living as Palestinians do, generation after generation

Israel's Endless Enemies-A Dangerous Myth Shavit's "My Promised Land" Ignores History

Mistreatment of Children in Israeli Detention Military Court Watch.

The Russians Came. Uri Avnery Israel's disparate populace leans right

The Times Eviscerates the Occupation M.J.Rosenberg

Attack on BDS Backfires Haaretz Commentary

Why Did Israel Kill Jabari? Haaretz: Gaza was hit when a truce was imminent

The Ten Mythologies of Israel By Ilan Pappe

"I affirm a Judaism not linked to state violence" Israel's effect on US Jews, Mondoweiss.

What US Jewish Voters Want L.A.Times Op Ed

Rabbis Letter to Methodists, Presbyterians 4/12 Support for divestment from Occupation

Ethnic & political divisions in Israel They create anti-peace policies.

We must stop Israel from Theocracy Haaretz commentary.

Israeli Textbooks Instill Bias London Observer.

Boycott Discussed in NY Synagogue Mondoweiss.

The End of a Two-State Solution? Bernard Avishai's Innovative Two-State Vision.

Jewish Anti-Zionism On the Rise in the U.S. -Electronic Intifada. G.Ash, E.K.Kashawi, M.Levy. S.Kershnar.

Failure of the American Jewish Establishment Peter Beinert-NY Review of Books.

Are Israel's Policies Creating Global Anti-Semitism? Tikkun

The New American Jew on Israel Boston Globe op ed

3 Strategies for "Successful" Conversations about Israel: A rabbi's advice: Listen; don't try to convince; be personal .

JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE--a progressive voice with active chapters across the U.S

J STREET- an energetic Jewish lobby challenging AIPAC

"A Jewish Plea" --- an extraordinary essay by Harvard's Sara Roy, rethinking the effect of Jewish nationalism on the centuries-old Judaic concern for "the other." Palestine Review No. 1.

The One-State/Two-States Controversy

Israel-Palestine is DeFacto One State: Anthony Lerman. The Guardian. 4-09

Evangelicals Support 2-State Solution

The One-State Solution: Pappe

The Two-state solution: Avnery

Intervew with Ali Abunimah

Archives of Jewish viewpoints

Wide-ranging Commentaries

On Taking a Stand Presbyterian Pastors Speak Up

Israeli War Crimes? Crimes vs.Humanity? With US Aid?

"Zionism Unsettled" Challenges Israeli "Exceptionism" Equality - under law - for all

NY Times Warps Gaza News

Is This Where the Third Intifada Will Start? New York Times Cover Story-Breakthrough

Turkey's Difficult Choice in Palestine, Israel Ramzy Baroud

What US Media Won't Tell You About Israel Chomsky: Alternet

Gunter Grass: "What Must Be Said" With commentary by James Wall

Biblical Land Covenants Perspective on Israeli Claims

The Meaning of Palestine Reflections. Alain Gresh.

US Taxpayers Fund Israel's Prosperity Alison Weir

The Boycott and Divestment Movement

BDS Quaker Web Site

With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe New York Times

Presbyterians Divest! New York Times

Understanding the Boycott of Israeli Universities V. Prashad - Washington Post

Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights - Omar Barghouti: BDS goals, strategies, successes. Video. and Transcript.

Challenges to the Global Struggle - Omar Barghouti: A BDS founder fields key questions at U Mich. Video and Transcript

There's No Bigotry in the [Academic] Boycott Haaretz Column Praises American Studies Association

EU Restricts Funding to Israeli "Entities" Guidelines in Full.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Explained

Investment in Palestine Requires Divestment Huffington Blog

The Lessons of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) By Stephen Lendman.

UK Government asks "Settlement" Labels on Produce Key breakthrough.

A Big Thank You-First Governmental Divestment! Ilan Pappe September

Archives of this "Wide-ranging Commentaries" section